Envigi Digital magazine app provides a comprehensive solution for your conference planning needs, enhancing attendee engagement, and boosting your product promotion efforts.

Product Promoters

Our digital magazine app offers an exceptional platform for product promoters to showcase their products to attendees, enabling them to reach a wider audience. Moreover, the app facilitates the promoters to sponsor the conference magazine, thereby increasing their brand visibility and exposure
Conference Planner

With our digital magazine app, conference planners can easily upload an interactive map of the exhibition floor, providing attendees with a convenient tool to locate exhibitors and their booth numbers. The app also enables company names and descriptions to be listed alongside their booth number, enabling attendees to access information on each exhibitor quickly and easily.
Conference Attendees

This app is designed to keep 
conference attendees in the loop 
by providing them with timely 
updates about the schedule, speaker 
backgrounds, venue information, 
booth locations, and navigation tools 
needed to navigate the event.

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