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Social media data Analytics

An infrastructure that’s your organization’s eyes and ears for digital positioning, listening and monitoring. Whether its predictive analytics, social intelligence or reporting, IT Yug’s infrastructure can make your organization nimble to the dynamic changes in the market.All of this, while maintaining actionable insights with reduced cost on feeder services and social media data sets.

Value Proposition

A threat research organization with focus on dark web surveillance delivering targeted threat intelligence to their customers from sophisticated attacks to mitigate brand related risks through immediately actionable data.


Cyber Security


Business Intelligence

Efforts & Duration

32k Hours

Key Features & Highlights :

Scouring the entire threat landscape providing continuous insight to customers on:
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Third-party risk and exposure

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Leaked or stolen data

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Malicious campaigns

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Attack vectors

Conclusion :

The gScrumConfidence app gets all members involved in the scrum understand sprint status through the use of confidence levels so that the 1’s and 2’s on the confidence scores can be prioritized allowing the team to learn and contribute as a whole and achieve sprint/project success.
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