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An app to keep students and teachers connected with their content over a mobile platform – that is what G-open LMS is about. And when we talk about content, we are not talking about courses alone but all aspects related to education i.e. schedules, grades, team interactions, finances, classroom assignments… everything. The best SAKAI features loaded into a mobile app to make coursework a cakewalk.
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Business challenge

The idea of the education is different to each stakeholder who is involved in it viz. Student, Teacher, Parent or Administrator. Each of these stakeholders perceive the entire experience of education from their own point of view but it is very important that all of them align together for this entire process to reach fruition. Aligning all on the same plane is a mighty big challenge, and to do so without confusing any of them with technology at play is often tricky

IT Yug’s Differentiators

We at IT Yug have been exploring the SAKAI open-source platform for close to a decade now. And we can safely say, we have mastered the array of tools that SAKAI offers. We have identified and picked up some of the most important tools that SAKAI offers and created a personal space for all the stakeholders to securely login, access coursework, view/update grades, get notified and submit/grade assignments on G-open LMS mobile app

Delivered Solution

A mobile application that runs on both iOS and Android platforms seamlessly. G-open LMS is light, maintenance-free and comes with IT Yug’s unlimited support. At the convenience of a smartphone, the student-teacher collaboration and peer group interaction remains intact

Value Proposition

  • Gives all the role players in the field of education the ability to align and focus on all the aspects of the entire education process.
  • Creates a helpful new level of accessibility to anything anyone wants to know.
  • Significantly increases the student’s sense of purpose and progress in their education.
  • Above all, brings the focus back on the student.




Open Source SAKAI based Mobile App

Efforts & Duration

400 Hours

Key Features & Highlights :

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Personal Profile page for every stakeholder

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View announcements regarding some of the most critical information concerning you in real-time

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Teachers can create their own unique courses or course syllabi

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Upload SCORM compliant courses

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Track student activity on a course

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Teachers can create and post assignments and students can view and submit them back

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Participate in real-time conversations using the chatroom tools

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File-sharing between stakeholders through Dropbox

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Grade assignments

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Organize your coursework by unit, module, topic, week or using a grouping of your choice

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Rosters and schedules

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Tests and quizzes can be created and administered

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Embed videos, links to resources or other 3rd party content

Conclusion :

Education can be called complete only when the learning-teaching aspects go hand in hand. And in today’s world it is imperative that it remains the same, even in the absence of a physical classroom, the teacher-student interaction holds up. G-open LMS app brings classroom to the mobile while ensuring the process of education remains seamless across multiple platforms by making use of some of best features of SAKAI.
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