Ortho Training

Ortho Training platform is a continuous learning online platform for all dental students and practicing orthodontists no matter what the skill level. This EdTech platform includes features like course enrollment, course building, assessments and certifications to earn CE credits that can be used to renew dental licenses.

Value Proposition

An expert orthodontic professional with more than 2 decades of teaching experience in the field of Orthodontics empowering orthodontic residents on "Finishing" with hundreds of hours of on-staff training lectures at regional, national, and international meetings. The client is actively setting up online and hands-on training programs for institutions and clinics all around the world.


Health Care



Effort & Duration

21k Hours

Business challenge

“How do you know if someone has learned something?” You ask them a question and notice how long they take to answer the question as well as how accurate their response is.
“How do you teach someone how to do something?” You carefully show them and explain to them the exact steps and why each step is important. Then you have them do it. If they do not perform it in a reasonable amount of time or they perform it incorrectly, they will have to reflect on what was not performed right and correct the mistake.
Using these principles of time and accuracy, the client wanted to set up a quick-to-understand dashboard that would tell who learned and who struggled when learning the concepts.
The bottom line of education is that when a student graduates they will know how to perform procedures correctly and in a timely manner. Taking this entire classroom/lab experience for students, professors and colleges/universities alike on to an online platform while ensuring the experience of learning/practicing remains interactive, accurate and quick while also providing meaningful insights of the reams of data collected during the learning process to all concerned stakeholders.

IT Yug’s Differentiators

IT Yug brought in its over 2 decades of experience in EdTech with products ranging from students and faculty facing portals, student information systems (SIS), Financial, Financial Aid, Degree Audit and Learning Management(LMS); especially the SAKAI LMS using which we currently support 40 educational institutions. IT Yug’s know-how in several key areas along with SAKAI was crucial to the project’s success. These know-hows include Blended Learning (ILT + eLearning + Performance Support), Digital/Virtual Classrooms, software prototyping skills, Big Data Analytics and a thorough process of QA.
IT Yug’s team of developers regularly interact with the client offering a superior technology expertise and deep learning/online instructional design experience to every learner.

Delivered Solution

Delivered by IT Yug, the resulting CE LMS platform i.e. Ortho Training is a fully enabled, complete system that manages all aspects of the e-Learning process for all levels of stakeholders viz. Students, Professors and Institutions.
The LMS enables students to easily enroll in courses, instructors to build or import course catalogs and institutions to import students, faculty and course catalogs. Faculty and institutions can also raise invoices to students subscribing to courses.
All students can access a variety of materials like embedded quizzes to track course performance, course competency checklists to assess clinical performances, get CE credits, pass exams, get certified and renew licenses using the CE credits acquired. Instructors can create and publish content, monitor students’ time taken to complete courses, and offer insights using the dashboard.
The LMS also provides built-in payment capabilities for instructors and institutions to raise invoices and process payments.


  • All courses approved by ADA (American Dental Association) and CERP (Continuing Education Recognition Program)
  • Variety of CE courses tailored for dental professionals of all levels viz. Residents, Assistants, Lab Technicians, Dentists and Orthodontists
  • Interactive, easy to understand audio, video, and graphical presentation materials anytime anywhere via internet after which you are fully ready to perform procedures
  • Seamless support for industry standards such as SCORM
  • Advanced course management features – students can take courses outside their curriculum, faculty can map courses quickly and easily, institutions can import and map courses to students in a jiffy
  • Course catalogue availability for students and course catalogue building for faculty/institutions
  • Payment gateway features


By partnering with IT Yug, the client was able to successfully implement a full-fledged EdTech solution for dental professionals to acquire CE credits through the process of ‘Knowledge Quiz’. The client’s goal to enable a better understanding of one’s “measure of learning” for both students and faculty alike is now possible through this SCORM compliant LMS. Thus, enabling dental students and practicing orthodontists to get better at performing clinical procedures.


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