Social media data Analytics

An infrastructure that’s your organization’s eyes and ears for digital positioning, listening and monitoring. Whether its predictive analytics, social intelligence or reporting, IT Yug’s infrastructure can make your organization nimble to the dynamic changes in the market.All of this, while maintaining actionable insights with reduced cost on feeder services and social media data sets.

Value Proposition

A threat research organization with focus on dark web surveillance delivering targeted threat intelligence to their customers from sophisticated attacks to mitigate brand related risks through immediately actionable data.


Cyber Security


Business Intelligence

Effort & Duration

32k Hours

Business challenge

All brands are subject to malicious campaigns, data theft and leakage, compromises at vendor’s end and various third-party incidents that can have a huge impact on infrastructure, brand image and customer data. But to source and deliver actionable intelligence scouring the dark web from the most exotic threat actor’s was the highest challenge for the customer.
IT Yug attained the unattainable by getting into the threat actors’ own ecosystems delivering client-specific threat intelligence.

IT Yug’s Differentiators

IT Yug’s developers extract multiple layers of big data from multiple repositories and disparate platforms and organize them into meaningful data so you can make decisions that are impact-full for your business.
Our customizable business intelligence dashboards offer real-time visibility of your company’s or competitor’s key performance indicators. We mine the data for you after it is safely stored on the cloud.
We helped the customer hack into forums that are otherwise open to only the dark web community by impersonating them and extracted real-time intelligence.

Delivered Solution

IT Yug developed a dashboard for the customer displaying all the extracted and mined risks under various categories. The customer offers this dashboard to clients so they get to know what risk their ecosystem has been under.
Be it intelligence on financial fraud, e-Crime intelligence, network intelligence, risk intelligence, any infected/suspicious hosts on client’s system, data breaches and compromised customer credentials, or cyber threats – everything is organized on the dashboard for the customer to see.
The dashboard presents threat intelligence statistics in the forms of line graphs, pie charts or in a format that the customer wants so they are glancing at all the threats at one glance.


Scouring the entire threat landscape providing continuous insight to customers on:

  • Third-party risk and exposure
  • Leaked or stolen data
  • Malicious campaigns
  • Attack vectors


IT Yug’s infrastructure allowed the customer to stay ahead of the curve of emerging threats with its advance intelligence solution no matter what the size of the organization – be it large enterprises, mid-market organizations or emerging small brands.


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