gScrum Confidence app empowers all the involved stakeholders in a project viz.Product Owner, Scrum Master and Scrum Member to adapt to the sprint issues on the go by assigning “Confidence levels” to user stories, and a Confidence board that shows all confidence levels of all issues on all projects in a single shot.

Value Proposition

Product Owners, Scrum Masters and Scrum Members are all clear if the team has understood the requirements of a sprint, or has deviated from the sprint goal; what issues need immediate attention without having to wait until a retrospective; track the progress of user stories on multiple projects in one go; if members’ confidence levels are a true representation of their progress.




Mobile App for Scrum and Projects

Efforts & Duration

1250 Hours

Business challenge

In Scrum, the sooner you can inspect a deliverable, the sooner you can adapt it. But if your daily stand-ups do not yield critical issues and valuable time is lost before a retrospective happens and improvements identified, adapting sooner to inspect deliverable's is not possible. How do you know as Product Owner what’s going on with your sprint, or if there’s a particular issue that needs reassigning? How do you know as a Scrum Master even before you begin your daily stand up, what progress your team has made? How do you know as a Member if your Scrum Master has responded to your comments? Imagine the need to avoid incurring great waste by waiting until the end of a sprint only to realize your goal was not achieved

IT Yug’s Differentiators

Being a software development company ourselves, we at IT Yug have a long experience in Agile project management – and, we understand the importance of daily stand ups, sprint retrospectives, and the need to identify a deviation in sprint goals early during a project so we do not overshoot timelines. IT Yug from its own experiences has understood the need for an application that can bring all stakeholders involved in a project on to one platform to identify sprint progress and issue statuses on the go. So, we came up with the idea of gScrumConfidence mobile app that will give product Owners, Scrum Masters and Scrum Members control over the sprint anywhere anytime. gScrumConfidence app is available on both Apple and Play stores

Delivered Solution

gScrumConfidence connects with your JIRA instance so you can start your project management on the go. On the gScrumConfidence app, we have introduced the concept of Confidence Levels and Confidence Board. Each issue on multiple projects can be assigned confidence levels by your users (programmers) on a scale of 1-5 (“1” for High Risk and “5” for Approved) – lower the confidence level, higher the need for clarity or help.Scrum Masters can view these confidence levels of all users using the Confidence Board and also the project’s progress. Know which stories on what projects need focus by quickly glancing at the confidence board so you can skip the less urgent ones. Prioritise stores on multiple projects with the help of confidence levels and track their progress using the confidence board.
Confidence Levels:
1). 5 – 100% in alignment with the sprint 2). 3&4 – needs Product Owner’s or Scrum Master’s intervention 3). 1&2 – needs Product Owner’s or Scrum Master’s immediate intervention.

Key Features & Highlights :

  • Retrospective on the go –Scrum members need not wait until the end of the sprint timeline for improvements and instead focus on inspection and adaptation based on the confidence levels of user stories in real-time. Scrum Masters can improve current sprint efficiency on the go and thereby reduce the next sprint’s backlog and product owners can know what has happened in the retrospective in real-time without actually having to be present in it.

  • Save time - Scrum Members can get to know the issues of teammates and propose action items to Scrum Master or the team.Scrum Masters can optimize the efficiency of daily scrums and improve sprint velocity. Product Owners can quickly align the confidence levels that are making the sprint goals difficult; understand actual efforts spent against efforts planned, sprint status, project summary,sprint and release planning.

  • Generate Confidence/Project reports - Scrum Members get a clear list of action items for the multiple projects that they are working on.Scrum Masters cangenerate and view project based confidence reports for one or all confidence levels of all members on all projects at one go to understand the likelihood of achieving the sprint goal.Product Owner can check the progress of user stories and also download confidence and project reports to understand the state of backlog.

  • Easy to use – just install the app, login and view user stories. Assign or update the confidence levels of your user stories or view the confidence levels of other users, all with the tap of a finger. Scrum Masters can alter sprint goals easily.Product Owners can configure instances from JIRA and other project management tools and view the progress on all projects without any hassle.

  • Get notifications - Scrum Members, Scrum Masters and Product Owners can get notified on every time users update confidence levels for an efficient sprint plan on the go.

Conclusion :

The gScrumConfidence app gets all members involved in the scrum understand sprint status through the use of confidence levels so that the 1’s and 2’s on the confidence scores can be prioritized allowing the team to learn and contribute as a whole and achieve sprint/project success.


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